COVID-19 PROTOCOLS - The New Normal

1.  Clients must respect all COVID-19 protocols while in the salon. (ie: masks are mandatory).
2.  Clients must use the Manitoba self-screening tool prior to each appointment (link will be sent with appt reminder).
3.  Clients will be asked additional screening questions upon entering the salon.
4.  Clients must use the hand sanitizer that will be supplied, when arriving and exiting the salon.
5.  Clients must wear a mask, and can come with their own, or a disposable mask can be purchased for $2.00 or a Norwex reusable cloth mask for $10.00. (Social distancing of 2m/6ft can not be practiced during the close proximtiy required for services, therfore masks are mandatory for both practitioner/client in order to keep everyone safe).
6.  Clients must come alone, no guests, plus ones, or children are allowed at appointments. No exceptions.
7.  No walk-ins are allowed, only pre-booked appointments, or customers picking up pre-arranged orders. Doors will be locked.
8.  Clients must wait at the front entrance outside, or in vehicle, before being let in, as doors will be locked, and there is  no longer a waiting area that can be used.  Sanitization has to be done in-between clients and you will be notified when you are able to enter the building for your appointment.
9.  Credit card payment and Cash will be accepted. No other methods available.
10.  Leave extra belongings in vehicle or at home (ie, coats, bags, food and drinks).
11.  PPE guidelines will be followed as well as the extensive additional sanitation protocol for all services.
12.  Most importantly - if you are experiencing any Flu-like symptoms, reschedule  your appointment.  Anyone that presents any symptoms, has been in contact with a probable case, or has travelled outside the Province in areas that require 14 day isolation, will not be allowed in.
13.  Face services that require mask to be taken off, must reschedule if you have any flu-like symptoms. Also if you have travelled anywhere outside the Province in the past 14 days, due to close nature of service, and no mask able to be used, you must reschedule.
Any questions about the protocols please contact 204-299-1598.